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Design Development

The Foundation for Success-
New Development and Renovations

Design Development is one of the most important elements in the whole process. Done correctly, it can be a pivotal point in the project. Get in touch with TheJazzyProject to discuss more about what they provide with this particular service.


Project Development

Whats included with your package

Renovation Development
$1,500 per unit

Gut or medium Building Renovations

This package is specially for renovation projects that are doing like construction or for gut renovation. This package includes interior and exterior design concepts, with three options to choose from. Also included is finishing legend with kitchen and full bathroom design. And of course TheJazzyProject will be on site during development and you will get direct contact with designer whenever needed.

Exterior, Interior Design

Paint Selection

Corridor/Vestibule Design 

Kitchen layout and plan

Lighting Selection

Rendering 2 views

Bathroom Tile and Fixture selection

Tile and Plumbing Elevations

On Site Visits

New Development 
$2,500 per unit

New property Development Condos

With this package TheJazzyProject  provides interior and exterior design concept packages. With three options to choose from a finishing legend and also kitchen and bathroom for designs. On site visit direct contact with designer throughout development and also 3-D renderings to viewpoints one can be the entry and also another can be with inside the condo. 

Exterior, Interior Design

Paint Selection 

Corridor/Vestibule Design

Kitchen layout and plan

Lighting Plan and Selection

Render 2 views

BathroomTile and Fixture selections

Tile and Plumbing Elevations

On Site Visits

Coordinate Deliveries 

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